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Is the design proposal presented in digital or printed format?

You can send the proposal only digitally through the website

How to upload competition files?

Log-In with your username and password to the webpage Once you have logged in, enter in “Current Competitions”. Here, you will find the button for the upload of your files.
Once you have uploaded the files, click on “submit”.


Is the format of "Plan" in A1 closer to the idea of a construction plan or a contest poster?

Participants can decide how to organize the A1 “plan (plans, elevations, 3d diagrams, etc.). They have the freedom to present what they think is most important in order to explain the project.

If a group involve only one candidate, should he/her be younger than 35?

Yes, the prerequisite to be satisfied to enrol the competition is that at least one member in each group must be younger than 35. Hence, if a candidate participates alone, he/her must be aged under 35.


Should the price of construction tools be included in the project budget?

No, the price of the tools does not have to be included in the project budget.


Can we pre make modules off site by skilled labor and get it on site to just fix in place?

We can make modules in advance but it is with auto-construction not with skilled labor. 



Is the fog collector a part of the whole structure or a separate unit kept near it?

You can decide if you prefer to integrate the fog collector into the structure or use it as a separate tool.



Can we use fabric material even though it is not in the material list?

Yes, but it is important that it is a fabric existing in Peru and report an estimate cost of it.



Can we propose a two-storey building?

The new community center can be only one floor. Considering that it will have to be built by volunteers and with few tools, the construction of a second floor would be very complicated.



Should we include a bathroom in the new project?

No, it is not necessary to include a bathroom.



Should the future growth of the building be included in the new proposal?

Yes, it is important to include the idea of future growth, like a second phase of construction.



Is there a specific site in San Juan de Lurigancho where the project will be built?

There is not a specific site for the project because it is a “model” of community center. So, the idea is that it can be built in different districts of Lima. You can decide and use a referential location and orientation for the new model.



Is the building site flat? Or is it sloped?

San Juan de Lurigancho have a ground inclination from 0 to steep slopes, but site plan for the community centre  will be flat in the mountains. surely, the site plan flat maybe will be very tight, no more of 7 – 7,5 m wide (the community center will be 6x6m).



Which kind of foundation we have to consider in the new project?

The project will have a concrete slab foundation. You don’t have to consider this cost in the price of the project.



Does the prototype necessarily have to be 6 x 6 m or can it vary in width and length?

The structure of the new model can have other dimensions than 6 m x 6 m if the floor area still remains maximum 36 sqm, but it is important to consider that the maximum width of the terrain will be 7-7.5m.



Can I propose a small agricultural plot adjacent to the module?

You can propose a small agricultural plot adjacent to the module, thinking to put it in the area for future extension for example.



Is it mandatory to insert doors and windows, or can the air be left to circulate naturally inside?

You can think in a building with an open area and another closed space. Doors and windows in the enclosed space will be necessary to take care of all the materials inside when the community center is closed. Moreover, doors and windows are important because temperatures drop up to 10° in Lima during winter.



Can the project have outdoor spaces such as terraces in addition to the 36 sqm?

The area that will be built is 36m2. You can propose outdoor spaces in two ways:
– occupying the area destined for the future growth of the community center;
– as a covered area for outdoor use included in the 36sqm.



Can we use other materials that are not indicated in the Annex of the competition?

Yes, you can use materials that are not indicated in the Annex. It will be important to consider some aspects:
– that they can be used in self-construction;
– that they are available for sale in Peru;
– their price in order to calculate the cost of the project.



Should the community center have a kitchen?

The new model can have a kitchen inside, useful during the days of cooking workshops and the “popular dining room” days.



Should the fog-collector be designed for human use or to develop a small vegetable garden?

The fog-collector can be used for both.


How are ’’ and ‘ converted into cm? For instance, how the dimension 1’’ x 6’’ x 10,5’, which are reported in the Technical Attachments, can be converted in cm?

In this example, 1’’ x 6’’ x 10,5’ corresponds to 2.54 cm x 15.24 cm x 30.48 cm (” corresponds to inches and ‘ to feet).